Nick pushed me outside my usual routine, but, importantly, he knew just how much he should push without going too far. I saw results pretty fast and never got beat up (well, not too badly). I finally achieved – which I never had in all my years of playing sports – some pretty good arm definition! And I finally understand the importance of glute exercises, too!

I also just liked having a partner in all of this. It’s nice having that extra support. I felt Nick cared as much about my improvement as I did – and, I won’t lie, I appreciated being able to entrust the planning and progress to him. Plus sessions were just fun; I looked forward each week to pushing harder and trying something new.

Also, seeing results can’t be underestimated! It’s been hard to see results from my efforts in other aspects of my life. Not here! And getting those results is totally empowering and addicting! It’s like a light bulb went off in my head. You really can do things to make other things happen. It’s amazing! Like, I actually am strong enough to move mountains.  ; )

Seriously, though, I do feel more agentic and empowered after doing this. I’m confident I can succeed at other challenges, physical and mental.