Personal Pursuits

I would like to share progress and thoughts on my other projects/pursuits: cryptocurrency and data analytics.


I am very interested in the future of technology and advancement. Although I am more interested in the plethora of uses for blockchain, my current focus is cryptocurrency. It’s currently a very (x 10) hype-driven market, yet the future is looking extremely bright for its many uses as currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero), platforms (e.g. Ethereum, Cardano), and application-based tokens (e.g. Tron, Ethlend). These are only a very select few out of ~1300+ currently available. Many will die out, but it’s amazing to see the big dreams many of these teams have.

– Ethereum: Platform where you can create your own market, network, token-based application, and on
– Ethlend: Decentralized lending
– SONM: Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining
– MediBloc: Indexed medical information where the patient manage their data
– PowerLedger: Trading platform where you can sell your surplus solar power
– Platform to allow creators and publishers to license their creation
– WaBi: Anti-counterfeit labels on consumer products in China and internationally
– Simple Token: Helping you launch your own digital currency for your market

These are only a few interesting projects. However, the current market is built primarily on promises. The investors that contributed to the 500+ billion crypto market cap are betting on some of these teams being the next Amazon, Apple, Ebay, Google, etc. Media and hype are what drives the current market with many not even having a solid product. Overall, it’s exciting to see where this leads us.

If you have any questions (I’m far far far from an expert), want to discuss how to get involved, or just chat about the current market then feel free to shoot me a message through Facebook or E-mail at


Data Analytics

I thoroughly enjoy the discovery process. I have taken statistical courses, learned SPSS software, but know there are many gaps in my knowledge and technical skills. I aiming to dedicate some time every week to understand and eventually master Python for data science purposes. I’ll update my progress in the Data Science tab.